I N S T I T U T E   O F   I N F O R M A T I O N   T E C H N O L O G I E S   -   B A S

The Institute of Information Technologies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences /IIT – BAS/ is established in 1994 and is a successor of the Section of automation and telemechanics – Technical department - BAS (1959), Institute of Engineering Cybernetics (1964), Institute of Engineering Cybernetics and Robotics (1978), Institute of Informatics (1990).

The Institute of Information Technologies investigates and develops approaches, methods and tools in the modern information technology areas with applications for real problem solving.

The Institute research activities are in the following directions: design and development of software systems for information processing; Web services for information access according to its content and context; methods and procedures for complex signal processing in various fields (radar and speech signals, forensic studies, biometric identification, medical diagnosis); 2-D and 3-D object recognition, scene analysis, text and graphics processing; content-based retrieval in data bases; optimization models and methods for engineering systems and for decision making tasks for analysis, design, evaluation and control of projects, resources, strategies etc.; models, methods and tools for presenting and processing domain-specific semantic information; integration of optimization and control processes in complex systems via intelligent procedures; artificial neural networks; analysis of systems with risk and uncertainty, models for risk management; analysis and design of distributed information networks.

The international cooperation of IIT – BAS in the last 5 years is illustrated on the diagram below:

During the last 5 years in IIT-BAS have been developed 152 research projects: 37 projects, funded only by the budget subsidy of BAS, 33 projects under contracts with the National Science Fund and the Governmental Agency for Information Technologies and Communications, 12 projects under contracts with EC, 22 projects, funded in compliance with Academic bilateral agreements and within the framework of Institute-to-Institute cooperation and 48 applied-science projects under contracts with different institutions and state or private companies.

The scientific results achieved at IIT-BAS in the last 5 years are reflected in 662 publications totally, 94 being in international journals and series, 232 publications in proceedings of international conferences, 251 publications in Bulgarian journals and series, 74 publications in proceedings of national conferences, 5 scientific books issued abroad, 5 scientific books issued in Bulgaria and 1 popular science book.

During the last 5 years 41 institute researchers conducted 90 courses in 10 universities with 10 425 lecture hours and 3 722 exercise hours in total. IIT – BAS researchers have super¬vised in total 66 diploma students from 8 universities. 34 post graduates have been educated at IIT-BAS and 8 PhD students of IIT-BAS have successfully defended their dissertation theses for conferring the educational and scientific degree “Doctor”.

During the last 5 years IIT – BAS activities were funded by the budget subsidy of BAS (73%) and by own income (27%):

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