"Signal Processing"

Research and Development Activities
Prof. Christo Kabakchiev, DSc - Acting Deputy Head of Department
The signal processing department develops new methods, algorithms, programs and computational architectures for signal processing in intensive pulse jamming presence having various origin, which is being used in radars, radio-navigation, mobile and fixed communications.
The surveyed algorithms are studied in general-purpose Personal Computers though numerical analysis or mathematical modeling by Monte Carlo statistical analysis.
The research encompasses following scientific areas:
The department consists of six researchers: one professor Doctor of Science, three Associate Professors and one Research Associate. Three of them have been awarded a PhD degree in the last five years.
The scientific results are published in honored international and national journals and conferences. The total publication number of the department in the last five years are totally 81; chapters in scientific books published abroad 2; international journals 10; international conferences 39; national journals 23; national conferences 7.
The research staff has intensive contribution in project preparation and project management. More than 12 IIT projects to the value of 40 thousand BGL are developed in the last five years. The project participation includes Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgarian Ministry of Defense; Institute of Information Technologies (IIT); MPS Ltd.