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“Artificial Intelligence – Knowledge Processing”


Selected Publications:


Semantic Annotation and eLearning


1.       Chein, M., A. Gutierrez, S. Lalande, V. Saraydarova, K. Staykova – Tools and Methodologies for Ontology Design and Digital Objects Annotation using Conceptual Graphs. In: Szucs A. (Ed.). Proc. of LOGOS Open Conference “New Technology Platforms for Learning – Revisited”, Budapest, 19-20 January 2009, ISBN 978-963-87914-1-2, pp. 47-61.

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Semantic Web Services


1.       G. Agre, T. Pariente Lobo, Z. Marinova, J. Nern, A. Micsik, A. Boyanov, T. Atanasova, J. Scicluna,  J. López-Cobo, E. Tzafestas. INFRAWEBS – A Framework for Semantic Service Engineering. Chapter 12. In: Elisabetta di Nitto and Anne-Marie Sassen (Eds.) At your service: service-oriented computing from an EU perspective. The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 2009, ISBN 978-0-262-04253-6, pp. 299 – 325.

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Technology Enhanced Learning


1.       Marinchev I., Hristov I. Managing Learning Objects in large scale courseware authoring studio. Proc. of the Workshop on "Cross-Media and Personalized Learning Applications on top of Digital Libraries" LADL 2007, 20 September 2007, Budapest, Hungary pp. 101 -109.

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Machine Learning, Data Mining and Case-Based Reasoning


1.       G. Agre and P. Gioshev. An Analysis of Applicability of Genetic Algorithms for Selecting Attributes and Examples for the Nearest Neighbour Classifier. CIT: Cybernetics and Information Technologies Volume 7, №2, 2007, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, pp. 29-44.

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Knowledge-Based Systems.


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