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Department of

“Artificial Intelligence – Knowledge Processing”


Current activities of the AI department are concentrated on research and development of context-aware models, methods and tools for representing and processing domain specific semantic information as well as novel architectures for semantically-enabled Web service oriented applications.


The Department has also long-term interests in the technological development of knowledge-based systems, machine learning and case-based reasoning methods and tools, distributed multimedia environments for education etc.


The Department of Artificial Intelligence – Knowledge Processing, consisting of:


Associate Prof. Dr. Danail DOCHEV 


Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge-Based Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, e-Learning, Information Society Technologies

Associate Prof. Dr. Gennady AGRE

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Semantic Web Services, Data Mining,  Case-Based Reasoning, Knowledge-Based Systems

Research Associate Dr. Ivo MARINCHEV

Machine learning, Semantic Web Services, Knowledge-Based Systems

Research Associate Kamenka STAYKOVA

Knowledge Representation, Semantic Web Technologies, Natural Language Generation

Research Associate Ivo HRISTOV

e-Learning, Distributed Environments, Knowledge-Based Systems

PhD Student Daniela KOLAROVA

e-Learning, Multimedia Semantics, Knowledge-Based Systems


Knowledge-Based Systems, Multimedia Semantics,  Distributed Environments


The Department actively participates in European and National R&D projects and presents the results in international and national journals and conferences.


The Department is the main driving force in the organisation of the bi-annual international conference AIMSA: Artificial Intelligence – Methodology, Systems and Applications (1984–2008).