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Department of

“Artificial Intelligence – Knowledge Processing”


Participation in National R&D Projects:


Research Project No. D-002-189 funded by the National Science Fund of Bulgaria (2009-2011)

Semantic Technologies for Web Services and Technology Enhanced Learning

The project is an interdisciplinary research project aiming at advancing the two of the fastest evolving information technologies – Service Oriented Computing and Techno­logy Enhanced Learning by applying the Semantic Web Service Methodology. Main scientific and technological objectives of the project are:

·         Creating new application-oriented methods and end-user oriented tools for Semantic Web Service descrip­tions oriented to Technology Enhanced Learning.

·         Creating new methods for dynamic Semantic Web Service composition suited for eLearning.

·         Creating new Semantic Service Oriented Architecture framework, oriented to Technology Enhanced Learning and facilitating learning objects reusability.

Research and Development Project № 04-152 with Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency  (2007-2009)

An Expert System for Healthful and Dietary Nutrition

The main objective of the project is to develop a multi-functional expert system promoting healthful; and dietary nutrition.  The system will be oriented to two types of users:

·         general practitioners, who will be assisted in selection of appropriate diets for patients suffering from some groups of diseases,

·        supermarket managers, who will be assisted  in promoting some of selling  foods as healthy for some groups of healthy clients.